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The Hilarious Ironic Sexism of Weak-Dick Men

Zachary M.C. Harris
Friday, January 22, 2016

This one is for all you ladies out there.
As I was in the barbershop the other day, I happened upon a conversation that was occurring between two of the barbers there, which was discussing the fact that women cannot do the same things as men and be respected for it, and that they feel as though women shouldn’t do certain jobs. Of course, as an advocate for women I had to open up a nice can of intellectual whoop ass on them.
The first thing that they talked about was sex, and that women can’t screw multiple people within a certain time frame like men. I actually found it ridiculous as it’s one of the oldest issues of sexism which in all reality deals with the insecurity of men in patriarchal societies. Yes, there are societies ruled by women where the women can do as they want, including take multiple husbands, and it is not an issue whatsoever. There is also the sexual freedom in the country of Sweden, which is quite legendary for those in the know.
I always tell people that sex is a mature act that many immature people partake in. While I do think that many people do certain sexual acts simply because they are trying to re-enact something that they saw in a porno and to somehow set a standard that they indeed are the shit in bed, there are some people who are actually into certain things. There are women who want multiple men at the same time, as well as women who want to do other men and have their husband(s) watch. I am not into either, and so I will always turn down invitations for that type of action; and yes, I have received said invitations. If that’s what you want, then so be it, though while I can honestly say that that person just might not be the person for me, I will not automatically turn around and look at them as if they are beneath me. And when it comes down to how many partners a woman has had in the past, that’s the thing that hits the insecurity of a lot of men. The reality is that I do want a woman who knows what she is doing in the bedroom and that comes with experience.
But as I allowed this part of the conversation to basically die off, they then went to the types of jobs that they don’t think that women should do, like being a cop, a security guard, fireman or soldier. I laughed so hard at this, with my first counter to them being that if they didn’t want women to do those jobs, then maybe they should do them in their places. The second part of their argument was that no one could be tougher than them.
At this point, I told one [who has now started traveling internationally] that he should go to Israel, and meet some of the female soldiers there who would hand him his ass like he was a dainty butterfly. And for the both of them, I offered to make some calls and to have some women line up right outside the shop who could easily whip both their asses in a fight. One’s counter was that they couldn’t use any submission holds! I went in on him and told him that what he was expressing was a weak/short dick mentality.
So back to the point of challenging them to take some of the jobs that they don’t think women should do, there was a total exposure of “Mitch-ness” from the both of them. What made it even worse is that these guys are not paragons of masculinity themselves. Neither one weighs over one hundred eighty pounds or can bench press their own weight. Each one is the cat you find with a couple tattoos, overpriced shoes and belts, and skinny jeans, as if their style is part of their machismo. Their physical forms show the absence of strength and muscular endurance, while giving them the benefit of agility is the least that I can do. It’s also funny as they want to talk about sports all of the time, but neither would be capable of playing in any physical sport outside of soccer, and even then all of the running would kill them. I will grant them basketball, but based on their height, they wouldn’t make a real team.
But it’s funny that there are always men/males like this, who have yet to have done anything themselves, living vicariously through others that have challenged their minds and bodies to get to a certain point, and yet think that they know what roles women can have in life.
These are the comical dick-riders.
Many men don’t want to be challenged by women, and if that’s the case, they are going to have to be so good at so many things as to make sure that they are ever dominant, but that’s impossible. They could move to a place where women are not allowed to do certain things, like Saudi Arabia, but that would show their insecurity and weakness even more.
Their logic that they don’t want their women do certain jobs is funny because while the basics of biology tells us that men are on average physically stronger than women, the reality is that the women doing those jobs have more courage and cajones (balls) than they do. In regards to strength, I know a number of women who outmatch them not only in that category, but in speed and endurance as well.
I kept offering to make a couple of calls, and they kept avoiding the outcome…
Just on a basic level, any idiot who has watched television and movies would realize that sometimes you need a woman to catch a man (law enforcement) and on a higher level you should realize that women also have great brains. I mean in their cases, their moms raised their dumb asses to adulthood without anything debilitating happening to them. It is the fool who underestimates that women can bring something to the table and can be as intelligent, if not more intelligent, than men. In many third and second world countries, if they started to realize that, they might solve most of their problems in the next ten years.
But these guys are indicative of the dross that some women have to deal with, or choose to deal with. And I consider these guys to have what I term a weak-dick mentality. And this does not just exist in the guys who basically have the physique of an ironing board, but also to men who cover their mental insecurities by bulking up and hulking up; you’ll find in many cases that they guys who are taking it to that point are really just scared little boys inside, and they want to project a totally different view of that to the world. And there are the guys who do it to get women, because in all reality, they have little else that would actually make women get interested and stay interested in them. Oh yeah, you also have the guys who do whatever else they can do to catch women’s eyes, like get tattoos, wear expensive clothing and drive expensive cars.
And most men have some level of weak-dick mentality in them, it’s just finding out in which area and how bad. Yeah, I am not going to date a woman who has dated certain men, nor am I going to date a woman with certain things in her past. I am not saying that this is neither good nor bad, as it is what it is, but I am not going to sit around and say that women shouldn’t do certain jobs, especially if I am not willing to do them myself. It’s like the issue of complaining about gays in the military; if you are ass it too much of a pussy to put your life on the line for others, then you should be the last person complaining about who should and should not do it.
The sad thing is that men like this also make kids whom they raise with the same stupidity, and that when shit hits the fan, most of the time I would rather have a women who is capable of handling the situation than a feckless man like them who is only going to get us both hurt or killed.
Oh, and some of you tough ladies hit me up so that you can embarrass these guys in the ring or on the mat and I can record it for posterity.

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