When A Black Man Loves - a romantic journey

I bought your book two Sundays ago at a fashion show at Maxine's. I read it everyday to and from work. I enjoy it because like you wrote, black men are raised or society prevents them from showing emotion. Your books makes me feel like I missed out by not expressing my feelings more to the women that I did have feelings for.

Omari Thomas

I received your book a couple days ago...thank you so much. It is a very open look into your being and that takes a tremendous amount of courage. As I told you before, I am putting together a collection of my own poetry and what I see in your words are the similarities of loving and the laments that follow while enduring the healing process that so many of us men and women feel. There have been some moments when something you have said has stirred something up in me.

Gathy Williams

I really enjoyed the book. It was well written and I found it to be very easy reading it kept my interest and it is one book I know that I will pick up every now and again to read.

Again I truly enjoyed the book looking forward to reading the next book that you write.

Grathella Kenyatta Brown

Hi Zachary:

I've begun reading your book and find it quite interesting. Especially your introduction. Upon meeting you, and looking into you eyes I knew you were the type of man that truly enjoyed woman. How does the saying go, the eyes are the mirror to the soul.

God Bless and keep it real, Baby Bam-Bam! (Ha-Ha)

Jackie Ray

Hello Dark and Lovely:

I love the poetry. Just wanted you to know it is a breath of fresh air to meet the opposite sex that does not have a problem expressing the feeling of hurt and pain throughout relationships in life.


Mr. Harris,

My sister Nichelle attended the Sisters Expo in Philadelphia this past weekend and purchased your book. Being a poet myself I immediately snatched it and just finished my first read-thru today. Truly I am impressed and was left wanting more. Please tell me there is another book in the works?

I am so pleased that you not only told "your side" of things but also allowed specific persons close to you to give their points of view as well. It is very refreshing to see a man be honest with what he goes thru trying to get love and make it work. I commend you.

Thank you for your bravery and honesty... and KEEP WRITING!!

Andrea Cunningham

Good evening,

I enjoyed your book a great deal. It was very refreshing how honest you were. When I finished reading it I wanted to put my arms around you and tell you "Baby boy please be patient one day your queen will come.

It also mad me very sad because I have never been on the receiving end of that much passion and intense love. I have always been the giver but never the receiver. I sometimes wonder will I ever receive that or is it my destinty to only be the giver.

Thank you again for your honesty and I eagerly anticipate your next project.



I read the majority of your book and I can say I enjoyed .....

Your book leaves me with questions about, how, now are you? Of course this is a rhetorical question (since I do not khow you and do not feel privy to that type of info), however, it does give me something to write another book about. The title I believe would read, "Where Are They Now"

Hopefully, your soaring.


Two of my friends are standing over me as I send you this email. they are supposed to be here helping me pack, but no, one of them spied your book on my round table and began reading it (thoroughly intrigued by the cover and title), silently at first, and now she is literally reading out loud to us! (I keep reminding her that I do know how to read to myself, and my lips don't move either).

She is at the bottom of page 150, and is intentionally trying to make me feel guilty because I could not read it for myself. She is obviously no friend of mine.

But the fact remains that your book has succeeded in halting my packing party, and instead we are using up a box of tissues among us, as we put the finishing touches on the bottle of wine that was to be served at my housewarming. We're sitting around on the floor surrounded by dusty boxes and exclaiming after certain passages, yeah, we knew or know someone just like that. What ever happened to so and so, anyway. And one of them is yelling in my ear that when she gets home, she's going up side her husband's head unless he reads your book because after reading it, she feels like she climbs in bed next to a dead body. Ouch!

Anyway, your book shows how much of a truly extraordinary man you are. Or else, we're stinkin' drunk! I'm glad to say I know you, Zachary Harris.

Good Job!


In case you do not remember, I met you on 10/27/02 at Terrells''s fashion show. I must admit, I was engrossed in my creative thoughts until I sat down and glanced in your direction. Zachary, It was a pleasure to meet you. I was elated when you summarized the chapters in your book prior to my buying a book. I wanted so badly to sit down and engage in conversation with you. But, I knew I could not appease my thoughts.

There is a spiritual gift I do possess and that is the gift of discernment. Some people might say, "Myra, is a clairvoyant person."

There are many opinions in your book from friends/associates in which I concur occording to the vibrations from your aura. You are in touch with a woman''s intellect, sensitivity, and sensuality and as well as your own. Also, I enjoyed the poetry. Right now, I do not have a favorite one, yet, but I am going to read the book next week and then I will decide. Wow there is so much say, but I don't want to write a book. I will leave that project in your hands.

Overall, the book resonate an indepth soul-searching journey of man who is in search of his QUEEN.


Myra D. Price

I started reading the book based on a one-dimensional point of view. As I continued to read and as my tears fell on the pages somewhere between Zach's love letters to Karen and the awareness of my own desires, I realized that this book was more than insight on a man's journey through interpersonal relationships with women. It is a compelling book that can take you through an exploration of self-examination, which will cause you to reflect on your own relationships and desires.


My Beloved Brother:

I have thoroughly enjoyed this site. You have clearly expressed beautiful insights that usually men neglect to reveal to us women. It's all too much game. I recently wrote a poem about my eyes and how they don't see, but feel. And with my eyes today, I felt a warm and glowing presence in your words. Keep up the excellent work and keep on expressing those heartfelt thoughts.

"i can look into the eyes of people i care about and feel their energy with my energy. my eyes are the window to my soul. if there is a place deeper than that, then my eyes will surely take me there."



Okay, so you shamed me into reading your book AGAIN! I really did read it alone after my friend read it to me July, but I was under the impression this was a former version of you. So I re-read the Last Word and have only one thing to say to you:

I will never read your damn book again. It is crushingly poignant and I have to have a couple of drinks to get through things like that. Since I rarely drink, you know how long it will be before I read it again.

But I will say that having a heart is not a flaw, but a compass. Your heart will guide you if you have raised it right and if you don't get in your own way. I think that because you are a warrior and feel destined to rescue those who need it, you will need a woman who loves you enough to let you go, but who will be there when you return from your adventurous missions.

You may have to forego marriage, 2.5 kids, garage and a cat and dog, because you won't be around to tend to such rooted parts of a relationship. But don't give up.

In the meantime, keep your damn books to yourself! I can't cope.

Anonymous (I promised I wouldn't reveal the source)