When A Black Man Loves - a romantic journey

Shout Outs

I started thinking about this the other day, giving people their props and some love for helping me with the first book and the documentary, but I know that I needed to do it (especially since I might need their help again).

Edwin Pace - one of my best friends [whom I have known since 1996 and starting hanging with in 1997]. Not only did he shoot a number of photos that would be used in extension of the book, but a shot that would be in the book. He helped me vend as well, whether in the city of Philadelphia, or trekking with me down to Towson, Maryland as well as up to New York City. He also suffered with me through a stay at the infamous Carter Hotel in NYC while we were showcasing my third book during Book Expo America that year. And there was the time that we did Unity Day in Philadelphia as well as the Mount Airy Jazz Festival. On the latter, we went one day under the hot sun with no shade at all, and on the former I went through at least eight hours in the sun, drinking about ten Snapple iced teas and never having to hit the bathroom once because I sweat out everthing.

Shawcie Frieson - my cousin by marriage. She helped me out with the first vending event at the Sister's Festival on May 11th, 2002.

Maya Z - another creative entrepreneur, she also helped me on that same event.

Seymore Jones, Jr., Sol/Tony, George Mack (George #1), Kamau McCrae, Charles McHerron, Charlton Harris, Bertram - these men, along with myself and Edwin Pace participated in the video project. Charlton Harris did the video and Bert donated two cases of Leikheim beer and some glasses.

Keisha Spraggins - she did a recording of "Thoughts of a Black Woman" for me.